New Urban Fantasy Romance Series

One night is all it takes to unleash the real Bram Brenner…

New Urban Fantasy Romance Series – Secrets of South Whidbey

Vol 1 is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

“…a story of a failing relationship that fails spectacularly…a villain that we love to hate because we were with him every step of his descent into madness… and yet still…undeniably hot…” — P. R. Bunke

Ryan A Knightley is writing a paranormal series set in a light, urban fantasy, paranormal world, involving very dark witches, wizards, vampires, and some steamy romance.

They’re saying it’s a “…juicy” read, complete with witchcraft, paranormal, lust, obsession, and power. It’s been described as “…opening Pandora’s box…” of obsessive lust and control.


After a year of passionate marriage, Bram and Sarai Brenner are ready to look outside to spice things up… Or at least Bram is. For this reason, he suggests a little… experiment. It’s a fantasy, really. Every guy’s dream. As the good wife she is (the reason Bram loves her so much), Sarai goes along with this fantasy. She’s never been one for confrontation. She’d rather secretly conjure a potion to entice her husband into fidelity. And it seems to work. Until the night of the experiment.

As Bram increases his skills in wizardry, however dark they become, Sarai continues her hum-drum life of a potions witch, ignoring the red flags of her jealous and possessive husband as she pretends all is well in the Brenner home. Until someone she never expected to see again shows up without warning, just as unexpectedly as he’d vanished – the epic love-of-her-life… or, ex-love.

And he comes with a dark secret…

A secret that’s really no secret, but gives her clues to his sudden and mysterious disappearance. And helps her with her husband’s recent wizarding… developments… as she finds herself having to risk her life to survive her marriage.

Go ahead and read the first few chapters to see if this new urban fantasy romance series is even for you. You may not want to spend a whole book with Ryan, let alone an entire fantasy series. You can get free here now (for a limited time), or on Amazon for 3.99. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s available there free, too. Maybe, like everyone else who’s read it so far, you won’t be able to put it down. Be advised this is an adult ebook involving strong, sexual content.

If you’re looking for something both tantalizing and emotionally rewarding to sink your fangs into, definitely get this while it’s still free on Kindle Unlimited.

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